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    where do poinsettias grow01.01.1970

    Currently, ISA is believed to be under control of JSOC, and published accounts have it organized into administration, training, SIGINT, HUMINT and direct action elements. Das Hauptquartier lag zunächst in Arlington, Virginia, in einem zivilen Gebäude; mittlerweile ist die Einheit aber in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, untergebracht. ISA was divided into branches of signals intelligence (SIGINT) specialists, human intelligence (HUMINT) specialists, and a highly compartmentalized direct action element, the "shooters." With it, they had a unit of military spies able to covertly infiltrate a country and provide hands-on, critical intelligence, as well as to raise logistical support for counter-terrorist commandos in case of a crisis. The specialists, nicknamed "knob turners" operated sophisticated electronic eavesdropping equipment located in the back cabin of specially-outfitted Seaspray Beechcraft 100 airplanes. The agents prepared contingency plans for a commando force to enter Beirut clandestinely, and to strike at Hizbollah and Syrian targets. The government realized the importance of the FOG. When the CIA took credit for Centra Spike's work, the Army became furious and a competition was arranged between the two units. Things became more complicated though, as the airplane took on more terrorists and weapons on one of its hops to Beirut, and Algerian authorities refused Delta permission to mount a rescue on their soil. In 1989, during Operation Just Cause, the American invasion of Panama, ISA proposed to deploy a team of its intelligence agents to track Manuel Noriega, but the offer was declined. Most such activities normal aspect of intelligence and not controversial. If successful, the candidate would then continue training within ISA in such skills as parachuting, survival, weapons and intelligence gathering. Qualified candidates can expect to focus on human intelligence operations and activities as defined by the Intelligence Community. The intelligence gathering part was named "Buckeye" and consisted of CIA, NSA and Torn Victor operatives. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2474589617600485"; The team put together a detailed critique and proposed changes to the organization of the forces, but the document was ignored by the higher officials insisting that security was adequate. Along with reviewing the security and organization again, ISA was also tasked with formulating plans for reprisals against the Syrians who had shot down two US fighters. It was the type of mission ISA was designed for, but no agents were sent in. According to Reese, it is "an obscure unit that does black-ops so dark, technically they don't exist". According to … National governments deal in both intelligence and military special operations functions that either should be completely secret (i.e., clandestine: the existence of which is not known outside the relevant government circles), or simply cannot be linked to the sponsor (i.e., covert: it is known that sabotage is taking place, but its sponsor is unknown). ISA members conducted extensive interviews with Special Forces members in the country, Lebanese Army and CIA and embassy officials. Includes links to their World Factbook, chiefs of state, and studies in intelligence reports. Die Intelligence Support Activity (ISA, Spitzname The Activity) ist eine Spezialeinheit der United States Army. Stationed in the fifth floor of the American embassy, and operating from specially outfitted Beechcraft 300 and 350 aircraft, Centra Spike tracked Escobar around the country. In one particular situation, Delta and Torn Victor agents supposedly donned French uniforms (Pale is in the French sector of the UN zone) and traveled to Pale hoping to conduct closer surveillance of his whereabouts. ISA would operate under a host of cover names to confuse anyone without the need to know. ISA operators would infiltrate either Beirut or Algiers on commercial flights to avoid tipping off the terrorists or the authorities. Both were doing the same thing in Colombia, except Centra Spike was doing a better job, at a much lower cost. Deployed together with a small Delta Force contingent, Centra Spike flew over Colombia in their airplanes and continued to track Escobar. This time around, travel through the city was a very dangerous endeavour, with roadblocks everywhere. A much more classified component was a solely-US effort codenamed Green Light, focusing specifically on former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic. After a massive effort, including "remote viewers" from the United States, turned up nothing, a team of ISA signals intelligence specialists was also sent over to Italy to provide any assistance they could, along with sophisticated equipment and specially outfitted helicopters. Zuletzt verwendete Bezeichnungen waren Centra Spike, Torn Victor und Gray Fox. This extra length concealed the main eavesdropping antennas, while others could be lowered from the belly while in flight. The strategists decided the best option would be to send an ISA team in to provide accurate intelligence on the situation, and to prepare to secure landing zones for a Delta rescue force. — ISA announcer when a match starts The Intelligence Support Activity or ISA is a special military unit in the US Army and a faction in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.They are tasked to collect actionable intelligence in advance of missions by other US special operations forces, especially Delta Force and SEAL Team Six. The function of intelligence as an activity of the U.S. Government is often regarded as a product of the Cold War. Indeed, much of what is known today as the Intelligence Community was created and developed during the Cold War period. The direct action element reportedly trains with Delta Force and DEVGRU to maintain their skills. United States law prohibits, however, the use of intelligence agencies to influence domestic media and opinion. In some of them, clandestine intelligence collection and covert action by CIA personnel, or those they sponsored, dealt with terrorists and performed counter-terrorist roles. The unit would be immediately deployed to any country where a terrorist act against the United States had taken place, and would start providing critical intelligence, as well as setting up landing zones and infiltration routes for the counter-terrorist force. The force is supposedly around 250-275 operators, who excel in intelligence gathering, languages and electronic surveillance. Intelligence picked up reports that the two, along with other Sudanese officials were the targets of Libyan-sponsored terrorist assassinations. Units in Sarajevo tracked Karadzic electronically, while other agents were on the ground in Pale, Karadzic's home. ... One problem that plagued the first attempt was the lack of valuable intelligence. An operation was planned for their rescue, with Seaspray, Delta Force and the ISA all playing a role. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Brazilian Army's 1st Special Forces Battalion, Tonelero Special Operations Battalion COMANF, Special Operations Weather Teams ( SOWT ), Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). That operation had highlighted the U.S. shortfall in intelligence gathering. The CIA proved unable to provide the critical intelligence Delta Force needed, such as the number of guards, the type of weapons they were using and what kinds of locks were on the doors. The raid was cancelled over fears that the French and Italians tipped Karadzic off. Jump to navigation Jump to search. google_ad_width = 728; On October 23, 1983, a truck bomb slammed into the US Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans, and injuring scores more. ISA operators were said to be so skilled that they could tell whether a tank needed a tune-up from background noise of transmissions. United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, United States Joint Special Operations Command, The Pentagon’s Spies: Documents Detail Histories of Once Secret Spy Units, Memorandum for Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, Memorandum to the Deputy Under Secretary for Policy, Charter of U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity, After Action Report for Operation CANVAS SHIELD, United States Army Intelligence Support Activity 1986 Historical Report, United States Army Intelligence Support Activity 1987 Historical Report, Termination of USAISA and „GRANTOR SHADOW“,, Militärische Spezialeinheit (Vereinigte Staaten), Militärischer Verband (United States Army), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Cowan traveled the Lebanese countryside pinpointing the locations of Syrian anti-aircraft emplacements. By November 1993, the noose was tightening around Escobar, and Centra Spike managed to track him down to a suburb of Medellin called Los Olivos. Royal Cape, Granite Rock and Powder Keg were some, Centra Spike and Torn Victor being other possible cover names. Flag of the Communist Party of ... organizations and citizens to provide necessary support, assistance and cooperation." US Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA), also known as ISA, The Activity, GREY FOX and, in recent times, the Mission Support Activity (MSA), is a top secret Army intelligence unit. This time, the manhunt for Escobar was being led by Col. Hugo Martinez, who did not intend to let Escobar get away, and who operated with ruthless efficiency, aided by Centra Spike's intelligence.